Foraging Fun Bundle

Foraging Fun Bundle

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The Foraging Fun Bundle contains a selection of NEW forage toy designs plus our popular DIY foraging favourites. The bundle suits small to medium species, such as sun/jenday/nanday conures, IRNs and alexandrines, lorikeets, african greys, amazons, galahs and corellas, eclectus, and similar size species.

Please note: due to the diameter of the punched holes, the foraging toys are NOT suitable for "itty bitty beaks" such as budgies, parrotlets, lovebirds and similar xsmall species.

New to our range:

Naturals Mini Forage Block - features four holes of varying depths in a 7 x 7 x 4cm pine block and comes complete with 316 grade stainless hardware. 

Naturals Leather Forage Pouch - tough 4mm vegetable tan leather affixed to pine planking featuring five punched holes. The pouch comes complete with stainless steel hardware to mount to the cage side, and prefilled with red shredded paper.

Stainless Steel and Acrylic Forage Cup - an updated design featuring welded stainless steel chain matched with chunky acrylics and a thick veg tan leather dangle which parrots can use to hold the cup while they forage.

Package comes with all three foragers, a 4mm 316 grade stainless steel quicklink, a generous amount of red shredded paper and 3mm pine shred, 2 metres of kraft waffle paper, and 10 pressed palm mini bowls.

Strictly limited packages available. Our mini forage block and the stainless steel forage cup are also available to be purchased separately.