Leather and Timber Hut

Leather and Timber Hut

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*Custom hut orders are currently CLOSED*

Price includes either style (tent or tunnel), any colour (including any pattern or motif), any hardware option, plus your bird's name or other inscription applied to the timber.


The sizes are as follows:

Xsmall - Length 18cm, Width 9cm, Height 10cm

Suits parrotlets, lovebirds, GCC, budgies.


SmallLength 23cm, Width 12cm, Height 13cm

Suits conures, lorikeets, quakers, IRN


Med SmallLength 25cm, Width 14cm, Height 15cm

Suits caiques, mini macaws, conures, GCC share 


MediumLength 29cm, Width 18cm, Height 20cm

Suits alexs, galahs, gang gangs, large conures, CAGs


Med LargeLength 32cm, Width 23cm, Height 25cm

Suits eclectus, amazon, medium cockatoos

Hut is made from A grade natural vegetable tanned leather which is coloured with food grade dye, untreated plantation pine plank (or native hardwood if the upgrade is selected), and stainless steel cage mount hardware.

A hardwood upgrade is available for each size - please add the upgrade separately.

For available colours/patterns please browse the Facebook album:

Leather Huts

When checking out please use the notes section in the cart to add your colour option (including special requests) and inscription. Alternatively, you can message us via our Facebook page or by email on sales@beaksandfeets.com. 

PLEASE NOTE: If no colour option is communicated, the hut colour/pattern/motif will be randomly selected.


As a made to order and highly customizable product, huts do take some time to move through the production process. The time period is variable, so please refer to our Shipping Policy for current production times.